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Welcome to the site!!  The answers so far are why this is the place to get your questions answered on these old sleds. :D
Like Lloyd said, they are easy to break.  I have broken a few in developing the best removal technique.
I just went out to the garage to confirm that they are plastic over brass.

Here is a photo of a broken one on the carb and one that was removed.  The one removed had some fire damage.
Thanks mswyka. It looks like I'm going to just put them in the carb dip with the plastic adapters on after removing the floats, jets, gaskets, etc.
Congratulations and welcome.

The vent fittings and the power jet fitting are pressed in.  They are plastic over metal.  I have removed them successfully using vice grips.  Making sure I have a firm but not a crushing grip, I twist and pull at the same time.  To put them back in they can be tapped lightly with a hammer or squeezed in a vice or press.

Note that the power jet has a hole in the side that needs to align with the casting.

I will add that I have never seen the plastic affected by carb cleaner.

Also, if squeezed too hard, they will shatter.
Thanks Lloyd, I was wondering what that was as this is my first time working on vm36's and figured I would need to replace it. I did see a jet in the one. The 340 has Mikuni VM32's and were pretty straight forward.
Welcome to the site!

 The short answer is yes they will come out.

 The bad part is, they often break while trying to get them out. They are a press fit and 40 year old plastic that has been exposed to gas is very brittle.

I see in the pic that one of your power jet fittings is missing. The plastic fitting on the intake end of the carb.  You should look for a replacement fitting. There probably is someone on here with some spares.

If your looking for manuals. There are lots of them available on
Hello All, First post. I picked up a couple of invaders (80 340 and 79 440) for $300 a few weeks ago and have been wrenching on them. This site has been awesome. The 440 carbs are Mikuni VM 36's and have the vent tubes attached to plastic adapters on each side. Do these plastic adapters back out of the carb body? I dont want to soak any plastic in the carb bath. Doing new crank seals, fuel lines, all jets and rebuilding fuel pump with kit. This site has been very helpful with just using the search function. Also purchased a Kawasaki manual for both. Thanks in advance.
Kawasaki Owners / Re: The Intimidator
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Needle and seat are 1.5, slide is brass 3.0
General Discussion / Re: Next Sled in the Queue
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Looks great! 
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