Author Topic: Smirk factor is a bit high with this one. No sleds involved but Kawasaki is.  (Read 242 times)

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Attending the Kanamara Festival

On the first Sunday of April every year, thousands head to Kawasaki's  Kanayama Shrine (金山神社), with travelers and locals alike joining together to create a lively crowd, waiting in anticipation of one of Japan's most unique yearly events. While the festival is traditional and involves plenty of local Shinto religious practices, it's not a solemn event! The cheerful festival atmosphere is punctuated with blushing cheeks and plenty of giggles, as the crowd revels in an event that is both serious and clearly a little ridiculous!

While Japan may have a reputation for creating some pretty wacky culture, the reality is that there is still a strong conservative voice in the country, and since the start, some have worried about the Penis Festival's rather risque celebrations. But the festival has been going on for more than 50 years now, and with decades of tradition now firmly established, it looks like the festivities will last into the future. In fact, the Kanamara Festival attracts more foreign visitors every year, solidifying the event's place as a permanent part of local culture.