Author Topic: Installing Polaris Ignition on an Invader or Intruder  (Read 1014 times)

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Installing Polaris Ignition on an Invader or Intruder
« on: January 26, 2022, 12:49:48 PM »
John Deere was on to something...In 82-84' they upgraded the ignition and clutch in the Liquifire that used the same basic motor as the Invader.  The HSR ignition had a similar timing curve to the newer Polaris ignitions.  So...

I recently upgraded my Invader ignition to a newer more modern aftermarket Polaris unit with excellent results.  It was surprisingly easy to do.  My Invader has never started or idled this well, plus it made a noticeable improvement in lower end and mid range power.  I did this on my modified trail rider with shaved heads, trail ported cylinders, the OEM twin kit pipes, and Polaris P85 clutches.  So I don't have any reviews how this would perform on a stock motor, but in theory it should do even better without the other modifications.  I highly recommend this upgrade. 

A couple things to note: 
-The Polaris ignition module has the Coil and CDI in one unit. 
-This utilizes the stock Invader stator. 

While I don't recommend doing this to get rid of a bog you may be experiencing (they didn't come from the factory with a bog, get it tuned in correctly before making modifications), this will help make sure it doesn't happen.