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Racing the 340 Invader
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Re: Invader upgrade

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There are a couple of things to get the speed out of the 340.

Just to understand the 340 was 56 hp stock. The rules stated that you had to have 55 hp to participate in the cross country. Kawasaki made a kit that consisted of a new pipe and some clutch weights that were available. It should be noted that you can add the intruder pipe for 2 additional horsepower.

Each pipe was good for about 2 mph. On a hard packed mile, you could hit 82 with stock gearing and pipe. The 55 mph pipe would drop 2 mph and the intruder pipe would add 2 mph up to 84 mph.

To get additional speed you had to add rpms. The way to do this is to tighten up the rear spring, I increased the rates to bring you up to 8800 RPM. The best gearing was to increase final drive gearing to improve off the line as well as the additional RPM's to pull on the top end. My racing top speed was 92 MPH with the 340. It would beat the Kawasaki reps 4/6 LTD on the top end. He wanted to buy my sled which I refused.

Sunday racing with this sled would bring Monday morning sales results at the dealership!!!


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Re: Racing the 340 Invader
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Welcome to the site!!   Great 1st post so I added it to the racing thread.  Thanks